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Нелитературная газета

Жизнь хрен знает где на борту парусной яхты Bristol 40 "Nicole"

Бестолковый словарь
Nicole regatta
El tipo de cambio – The guy of change

Me agoté – I make myself tea

Llámame – I sucked

Dinamómetro – Say nanometro

Alcoholímetro – Alcohol and a meter

Sillón – Yes John

Toalla – You over there

Estamos contratando – We are with trying

Ayuno – There is one

Desgracias – Give thanks

Cuatrimoto – Four junkies together

Hipoteca – Hippopotamus nightclub

Consentido – With sense

Paciencia – The science of peace

Dont drink it to bad – No lo tomes a mal

(прислали, наверное с Таринги)
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